Pull & Bear Wishlist

I recently discovered the shop 'Pull & Bear' and went a tad crazy wish listing a million things. I realise I'm a bit late to the party, as they have a shop on Oxford Street and were even in Company magazine the day after I found them, but we came across them whilst searching for an outfit for my mum to wear to a wedding and I instantly fell in love with their range of floral and tribal prints, plus some of their colour combinations are gorgeous (I mean they've even achieved the impossible of making me wish I was wearing pink!) I've been watching way too much Friends lately, so my inner nineties child is longing to find some baggy sweatshirts, dark wash dungarees and sleeveless denim - all of which can be found on Pull & Bear toooo :')

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I am so stuck over what to actually buy, I definitely don't *need* to spend any money right now, but I am so madly in love with their clothes that I can't not buy at least one item! I'm thinking I might buy a floaty floral shirt or two for interviews and stuff, but the thing is, I am so unlikely to get any interviews right now that they'll probably be out of fashion before I've had a chance to use them!

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Perhaps my 'one item' should be the espadrilles for my holiday!? I only ever have converse to wear, which can get a bit hot during the daytime abroad... the colour of the second pair of shoes is just 'me' all over, but I definitely don't need any new trainers, I have a trainer buying addiction... mum keeps offering to buy me new converse as my old favourites are covered in holes, but I'd rather keep them than get a new pair thats not the same!

Naomi x

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