Outfit Post :)

In blogging terms this is the absolute worst outfit post ever, in fact a proper blogger wouldn't even call it so - you can only see one item of clothing, I'm wearing no make up and I am breaking the number one hands-on-hips rule. HOWEVER I haven't posted anything in a while and I am totaaaally in love with this dress, so I just had to show it off! I love the dip-dye, I'm always a fan of florals and the colours are perfect! I paired it up with red converse to pick out the red flowers, luckily the weather was lovely as I couldn't figure out which coat or jumper to wear without the jumper-collar combo making me look like a school child. Oh yeah, not going to lie, this is from a children's clothes section and it's still waaaay too big for me at the top, but I adore my clothes oversized and comfy so whatever ;)

Much love, Naomi x

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