Liberty Excitement!

Last weekend when I was trying to get my illustration hat back on (I wonder what one of those would look like, hmmm) I drew the front of Soho's Liberty department store. I uploaded in on instagram hashtagged 'LibertyLondon', they liked it immediately but then the next day they reposted it from their own instagram and twitter and it was the most exciting thing everrrrr :) 

In other arty news, 'm thinking of by the end of the year starting my own like stationery 'range' (i need a word that sounds less big-headed/arrogant, but like cards, gift wrap, letter sets, invites etc y'know) pluuuus tote bags, custom illustrations for weddings/births/new home etc and a few little incidental things on the side... BUT I'm totally clueless on where to begin: where do I get it printed? what platform do i use to sell it? how much would you expect me to charge (bearing in mind how much i'll pay for printing)? HELP, anyone with any experience/advice/opinions please help me :')

Thank you!

Naomi x


  1. Ah great minds think a like! I'm going to start doing similar things (including keyrings and stuff) this summer while ill be a bit freer! But I'm in the same boat as you for questions wise. I have used folksy a little bit but I've not tried etsy. I've heard lots of good things about Etsy though so it would be good to try out! There is a lot of articles out there, and even a formula that's meant to help with calculating cost prices.
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  2. you could always google for local print places but to be honest i have no clue. For selling i would definitely go with either Etsy or Bigcartel. I love this illustration so much! Crazy detail!

    Amy x
    Everything and Amy