London To-Do List#7: Tour of BBC Broadcasting House

Hello! I know I'm missing a 'Five Things Friday' post, but I'm sure nobody really cares - they are simply an exercise I do for myself! But I spent Friday busy packing to come home (I'm back for four wonderful months, woohooo) so I didn't have the time. I have a bit of a back-log of posts to put up as I've been a busy bee urban exploring due to being free from uni, however I feel the pace of posting may slow down a bit now I'm home! As much as I love it here, it's not quite London!
The other day I visited the BBC's Broadcasting House on Portland Place, as a self-confessed media nerd, radio lover and all-round praiser of the BBC it was an absolute dream to finally go inside the building I had seen on tv and walked past a million times. The tour lasted approximately two hours and the highlights included seeing the newsroom (plus being on a 1pm tour we were there as the lunchtime news went out!), radio, the one show studio and picked up on pieces of history that even I didn't previously know! It was also really interactive, with lots of opportunities for participation (acting out radio drama, reading news etc) however as I was on the tour with a middle-aged couple and a father-and-30-something-year-old son I chose not to partake in any of this :') I think the ticket cost around £10, however it was probably one of the best things I've done in London to date! 

I was the only person on the tour who watches The One Show, so being allowed to sit on the green sofa was an exciting prospect! I love how the format of the program is the nearest equivalent to a grown up Blue Peter, minus the baking/making (best bits!)... WHY ISN'T GROWN UP BLUE PETER A THING THOUGH? :(
 There's a piece of "artwork" on the floor outside (I cannot tell you how many times I have sat on this floor and never noticed!) in which several hundred place names from around the world are placed together by means of things that associate them with each other - i.e. London was near Paris, Oxford near Cambridge and it's supposed to be a puzzle to figure out all the links and make you way across the courtyardy area. It also lights up at night! 
This is the other major piece of artwork. It is a memorial to all the journalists who have ever lost their lives as part of their work and it shines a thin blue light into the air whilst the 10pm news is on every night. I believe it's also on the opening-sequence of the news? I might be wrong!
 These photos are a bit "noisy" because of the studio lighting. The curved area on the right is where the national news is broadcast from three times a day, but all the journalists on the 'floor' have to work under the stage-style-lighting for 12 hours a day because they are constantly on film!
Setting up the astro-turf for the giant zorbing football!

I know I've given away lots of the tour, but it was sooo amazing to see it in person, whether you're an utter media nerd like me or not this is totally worth it!

Naomi x


  1. ONNEEEE dododododododo ONEEEEEE! (me too)
    this looks awesome!

  2. Wow, this looks really interesting. I love a behind the scenes tour. I'll have to add this to my list of London things to do. Thanks.