London To-Do List#17: Climb Monument Tower

Okay, those of you who are familiar with my legs (strange sentence...) will be like "you idiot" at this...but hopefully when you see the photos of the beautiful views you will forgive me! Last week I climbed the 311 steps of the spiral staircase up Monument Tower. Whilst it was on my to-do list, it wasn't an active decision to do on that day, but as I was passing by and I was alone (nobody to try and pursuade it was a good idea!) I just went for it! It only cost £2.70 to climb, which I personally think is an absolute bargain compared to other tall sightseeing attractions in London (Eye, shard, centre point, cable cars) and the views at the top were phenomenal, you could see for miles in every direction - Crystal Palace, the Thames, the Eye, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the city, the Gherkin, Canary Wharf and beyonddd! I was skeptical as to how good the views would be because it is surrounded by other tall buildings, but they were incredible! The gale-force winds on the day I went made it slightly terrifying, most due to a very wobbly crane next to it! If you're up to the stairs (I wasn't and paid for it for days after!) then this is totally worth it, especially due to its price! :) Nearest tube station: Monument

Naomi x


  1. All I can say is, you idiot ;)

    1. i know man, i am still dying/shaking like 9 days later :')