London To-Do List, Review.

    A few weeks back I posted this to-do list of stuff I wanted to do whilst in London for the summer term. I'm now back home and I have to say, I did absolutely pitifully. I completed only 12 out of the 22 things. And I still haven't even written up blog posts about most of them! La la laaaa. The ten I failed at will now be added on to a list I'm starting for next term!! I'm also part way through writing a list of summer wishes, but as I'm feeling super weak and poorly at the moment, I'm getting quite frustrated and upset over having to tone that down and stuff so yeah...
    1. Spitalfields City Farm 
    2. Drink Shop Do 
    3. Walk along the canals 
    4. Sunrise at Parliament Hill :) 
    5. Hire a Boris Bike 
    6. Take my sketchbook out for a day and just draw. 
    7. Tour of BBC Broadcasting House
    8. Take my sketchbook to some museums/galleries and drawww 
    9. Go to Kew Gardens
    10. Late nights at the museums! 
    11. Visit the Olympic Park 
    12. Go to Neals Yard 
    13. Night out in Shoreditch 
    14. Take the number 15 bus the whole way 
    15. Google Campus 
    16. British Library
    17. Climb Monument tower! 
    18. Go into St Pauls 
    19. Thames path
    20. Go to Greenwich Park
    21. Buy some material at either Walthamstow or Sheperd's Bush Market 
    22. Changing of the guard 

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    1. Don't be so hard on yourself- completing those 12 is still rather impressive if you ask me! And it seems like from the blog posts you really enjoyed them too! I'm sure you can look forward to doing the other 10 in the future :)