Five Things Friday :)

Had a pretty miserable week consumed by paiiiin, but I've been out and about lots considering and stuff so hopefully I'll be able to come up with 5 positives!:

  1. We had our end of year exhibition on Thursday night, although I didn't properly exhibit anything it was still nice to have everything rounded off with that little conclusion :)
  2. Went to Spitalfields City Farm and hung around Shoreditch for a bit with my future housemates ;)
  3. Did a maaajorly long walk along the north London canals, soo much regret for not shouting 'stop' at the walking I'm not gonna lie!!
  4. Continuing on the bad things to do with bad legs, climbed monument tower! The views were amazing though, so worth it!
  5. Had a frappucinoooo :) first one I've paid for all academic year - not bad! :')
Sorry, outfit post isnt happening this Friday - I am writing this post-Shower and nobody cares about my pyjamas :')

Naomi x

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