Five Things Friday!

All the weeks are blurring into one big haze, I can't remember what happened this week and what happened last... Also, I forgot to add an outfit onto last week's FTF post, this week I've remembered and I'm going to stick it on but I've woken up sooo much pain, it's the most basic outfit ever so its not putting pressure on the bits that hurt! AND NO MAKE UP, you are not seeing this again...and hair in its bedtime ponytail!

Firstly, five good things!

  1. Setting up our end of year exhibition, I don't really have any of my work in it buuut I volunteered to be a 'student curator' as I am the most indecisive person ever in the world, so I braved up and decided to throw myself in at the deep end!
  2. Soooooo close to finishing all my uni work for the year, just got to add a couple more Google Plus posts and I'm totally done, already signed off!
  3. We went out to "celebrate my birthday" like 18 days late yesterday! But Benitos Haaaaat <3 
  4. We also went to East London Printmaker's open studio (post coming soon!) and I fell in love, future workplace of my dreams for sureeeee!
  5. Holly gave me an East London Printmakers tote bag she won in the tombola cos she's the most generous person I've ever met (seriously, that is not even saracastic, she gives me soooo much!!!)

What kind of pose even is that? Apart from the genuine, OMG I'M IN SO MUCH PAIN pose. Lacking even my favourite jewellery or a jumper... the dress is from H&M £12ish and the hairband from Spitalfields Market, £2! :)

Naomi x

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