End of (First) Year Exhibition

I finished all my work for first year at the end of April, which is ridiculously early considering that we'd just had a 3 week holiday and effectively the 'year' was six months long. £9000 for 6 months. It's no secret that I haven't really enjoyed my course this year, I am one of those people who is addicted to learning and I think my problem has been that I have learnt nothing. However, I don't blame my university or my tutors, I only have myself to blame. I learn best by 'doing' - by making mistakes and correcting myself the next time, by taking a hands on approach and being enquiring (oh god, back to the IB Learner Profile.) But on a serious note, like I haven't taken every opportunity I've been given - we have a print room we're free to use, surface pattern is what I want to do and i've only been 5 times all year! That's not going to be a facility I have free/open access to when I leave. We have a laser cutter I've never used. We have London on our doorsteps and I haven't joined art meet-ups or been to all the galleries. I let homesickness get in the way and I let work become a chore to me when really I am so passionate about it :( So yeah, I AM AN IDIOT. And I've totally digressed off the topic of the blog post!

At the start of the month we had our end of year exhibition. I actively chose not to put any of my own work in, although our group project was there. I've only done maybe 2 things that are portfolio-worthy year and that really upsets me. Even though this is a proper gallery space that artists use and it would have been a great opportunity, I know I would have regretted putting my rubbish up next to some of this amazing stuff! Anyway, I hope that nobody from my class minds me putting this up, if you do - then feel free to ask me to remove it! 

(this ginormous thing was our groups revolving puppet theatre for 'the werewolf' by Angela Carter) I was in charge of the puppets themselves though - majorly felt like I let the whole thing down, I cannot deal with 3D and I cannot deal with drawing/making people.

Naomi x


  1. Stop beating yourself up, in first year I don't believe it's 100% our job to go out of our way and make opportunities for ourselves, i think that starts from second year onwards, in my course anyway. First year we're meant to be like a family with help, but we didn't get that either really :( It's a shame, I think there's a lack of inspiring going on in a lot of universities. All the work I've seen from you is amazing though! xx

  2. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. 1st year is for having a bit of fun. Who cares if you don't like what you've produced, you can go back and redo it if you want! I've got my exhibition in about a month and I am so nervous about it. I don't want to mess it up or make my stuff look crap!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  3. You're being way too hard on yourself! You still have time, and the pressure and expections you're putting on yourself is unrealistic & just isn't healthy. You've had a lot to deal with, leaving home & health wise etc. You may be disappointed & not think you've learnt much, but I think you've learnt more than you realise. Look at what you've accomplished on this blog alone. Give yourself a break, as whatever you do, you always could have done more, but doesn't mean what you did do wasn't beneficial. It's not possible to do everything!
    Lots of love xxx