A Strange (and Cheeky) Request...

This is a slightly odd request, but I collect postcards from around the UK/Europe/the whole world and I was wondering, if anybody is going away this summer (even if its just to your home!) or if you always live somewhere not in Cambridgeshire/London anyway, i'd reaaaaaaally really appreciate a postcard please!!  Direct message me on twitter for my address: @24_hour_smile & I can write you one back if you want! :)


  1. ooh this sounds like fun! >.<
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  2. I shall find some Bristol ones to send you (can't remember if I did before I though...) Not that exciting. If I travel anywhere I have a look there too. I tried to find some when I was on holiday, but didn't find any.

  3. I love postcards too! Everywhere I go I send one to my American relative - she goes crazy for anything English ha