Pick Me Up

I apologise in advance for the appaling quality of these photos, I don't know whaaat my camera was doing! It was like it was on a completely different setting or something, gutted that 90% of the photos i took came out blurred/black... so think yourself lucky I didn't upload those ;)
On Friday I visited 'Pick Me Up' at Somerset House, which describes itself as a 'graphic arts festival,' it was pretty pricey to get in at £8 for a student ticket but I think as an illustration student it was totaaaally worth it! There were workshops, agencies and exhibition bits featuring 'new' talent in the industry. I loved how active the whole thing was, with the opportunity to participate in SO many activities run by a number of different artists and companies. The exhibition sections were also extremely inspiring, I always leave events like this absolutely brimming with ideas and bursting with inspiration... just a shame it never lasts long! Can we just also please take a second to appreciate the signage/wayfinding system!?

Naomi x


  1. I actually went to Pick Me Up the day after you posted this! Overall I did like it and enjoyed looking at the different artworks. But I have to admit I felt some of the people working there just seemed bored. Understandably it was like mid afternoon but they just didn't seem very engaging. :/
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  2. Just discovered your blog and found that our posts share a love for similar works and the overall design of Pick Me Up haha We're on the same wave length! :) Read my post here: http://graphiquefantastique.com/2014/05/01/pick-me-up-2014-somerset-house/