Oxfam: Cambridge, Burleigh Street.

Whilst I'm back at home in East Anglia, I've made it my mission to go and have a nosy at some other Oxfam shops. One of my favourite things about  charity shops is the fact that they are guaranteed to always be unique, even shops belonging to the same charity, will hold different products and have different ways of presenting these products. Although there are several Oxfam shops closer to my home, I decided whilst visiting a friend in Cambridge to have a little look at what was on offer there. Cambridge boasts four Oxfam shops - a Book Shop in the city centre and three regular Oxfam shops on Mill Road, Bridge Street and this one on Burleigh Street, the creative flair of which made it really stand out to me. 
Even before entering the shop, there were already hints of its artistic-side with windows covered in hand-lettering and little drawing, whilst its other window displayed the work of a local photographer that was on sale inside. Once inside the shop, the creativity continued with numerous mannequin busts each decorated differently, inspiring quotes on walls/shelves, painted pillars and placards of more hand-lettering directing shoppers around the very large store, which was spread out across two floors. All of the clothing and home accessories were arranged by colour, making it easier to browse and also nicer to look at. All charity shops are unique, but Oxfam Burleigh Street also had its own distinctively creative character, my personal favourite part of which was the blue and white tea-cups that created a unique bunting hanging across the ceiling!!!

Naomi xx

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