National Stationery Week: Top Ten Favourite Stationery Shops

I just discovered about half an hour ago that such a thing as 'National Stationery Week' exists and that it draws to a close in around about an hour. If the fact that someone as addicted to stationery shopping as me didn't notice this passing by isn't proof enough of how dedicated I've been to my work the past week, I don't know what is! However I'm home for a week or two now, which is going to be a nice healthy break from 13-15 hour days in uni, followed by going to my room and working some more! I tried to come up with some snazzy way to commemorate National Stationery Week on this blog before it's over... however, I failed. So we are stuck with another 'top ten' I'm afraid... except, this time I haven't even had the time to write them into an actual order. So behold, my randomly mismatched ten favourite places to buy stationery!

I'm always pleasantly surprised at the beautiful ranges of stationery they stock in Wilkinson's at unbelievably low prices, better still they usually credit the designers - which some of the bigger pure stationery brands don't do!

I first discovered Blott when it moved into the Grand Arcade a couple of years back, I remember walking past this glowing hub of brightly coloured exciting stationery and thousands of weirdly shaped rubbers in awe... which is still my reaction to this day, despite the fact they don't change their stock very often - it's still insanely exciting to go and browse!!! 

I think Paperchase will always be pretty close top of my favourite shops. It would be my absolute dream to do some surface pattern designing for them one day, even though it angers me that they don't credit the people who do design their products.
I feel a bit posh putting this on the list, but I can't be the only person who adores window shopping in their aisles of stationery goodness!?? They (or at least, our local one) mostly stocks non-john-lewis brands, however the eclectic collection of artists and designers they choose to support is genuinely so exciting to browse the shelves off!
Bit of an old favourite, back in the days of ayme penpal-ing I used to buy a lot of stuff from Artbox, due to it being soooo cute and relatively inexpensive. However, its been a couple of years since I ordered anything.
Opposingly, Present and Correct is a very recent discovery for me... and whilst I could spend years browsing their collection, I think it will be centuries before I can afford to buy anything!
Ohh Deer is a website/shop/blog that I've mentioned a few times before on here that sells artist/illustrator work in the form of clothing, giftware and stationery. Similarly to Paperchase, it would be an absolute dream to have work stocked on here... they run competitions that make this a tad more achievable, but I need to improve ten-thousandfold first!
Tiger Stores
Although you can't shop online, the beautiful Scandinavian designs of Tiger do not disappoint in their stationery department! Once again, surprisingly well-priced and flawlessly designed!
I would be fairly shocked if they didn't have nice stationery to be fair...

Forty Four Shop, Lincoln
The most perfectly Naomish shop to have ever graced the earth! Right down to its turquoise door, everything about this shop is so very me. Again, they mostly stock stationery featuring the work of upcoming artists and designers... its super adorable. I just wish it wasn't all the way in Lincoln, so I could go more often!!!

Wishing you a happy half-an-hour left of stationery appreciation!

Naomi x

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