London To Do/See/Visit List, Spring 2014 :)

Sooo, when I get back to London in like 10 days, I have exactly a month until I'm kicked out of my accommodation. Terrifying. I've done a lot of Londony stuff compared to some people, but the exchange students still really put me to shame! They've done more in Europe in one semester than I've done in my whole life!!! So I've decided to put together a list of stuff that I really want to do/see/visit in that remaining month... I know I'll be back in September, so you may ask 'what's the rush?'...well London is so rich and amazing, I will easily be able to make myself a list like this for every month! But apart from that, I will have basically handed in all of my work by the start of May so I won't have lectures and librarytimes in the way and on my mind whilst I'm out and about! 

Please leave comments on other stuff you think I should be doing toooo and i'll add them to the list or save them for September!
  1. Spitalfields City Farm - free as far as I can work out! Desperately want to see some piglets and lambs though! :') Nearest Tube: Shoreditch High Street
  2. Drink Shop Do - a cafe by day and bar by night which has a massive range of activities to participate in whilst you drink! Oh my days, I could even apply to draw on their wall http://www.drinkshopdo.com/get-involved/creatively Nearest tube: Kings Cross I think...
  3. Walk along the canals - from Camden to Regents, stopping at Primrose Hill for a picnic!
  4. Wake up in time to see the sunrise at Parliament Hill :) -I've seen the sunset there before, but apparently the sunrise is the most amazing thing! Nearest tube: Hampstead Heath
  5. Hire a Boris Bike - cycle around the city, up the mall and round a park :)
  6. Take my sketchbook out for a day by myself and just draw draw draw. Streets, patterns, people, everything! This was basically my first brief at uni and I hated it at the time, but now every time I go out there's things I just wish I had all day to sit and draw! So after I've handed in my work that is what I shall do!
  7. Tour of BBC Broadcasting House - I'm a self-confessed radio 1 nerd and general BBC lover! I haven't done this already because I couldn't find anyone to come with me, but it's got to the stage that I'm going to go alone!
  8. Take my sketchbook to some museums/galleries and drawww some more! Again this is something I used to detest at school, but now I see the benefits and I loveeee doing! Because I'm maaaad.
  9. Go to Kew Gardens, act like an old woman and have an absolute field day with my camera! I might even hire a DSLR from uni! Nearest tube: Kew Gardens
  10. Late nights at the museums!  -last friday of the month, Nearest tube: South Kensington
  11. Visit the Olympic Park - last week the olympic park opened to the public and is full of art trails, play parks suitable for grown ups andddd you can even go swimming in the olympic pool! Nearest tube: Stratford
  12. Go to Neals Yard - I've always seen photos of this beautiful little pocket of excitingly coloured buildings, but never actually found it in real life, so I'm making that my mission! :) Nearest Tube: Covent Garden
  13. Night out in Shoreditch - I've been there in the daytime and even late in the evening soooo many times, it's one of my favourite places and I can't believe I haven't had a night out there yet! Nearest tube: Liverpool St/Shoreditch High St
  14. Take the number 15 bus the whole way - Bit of a random one, but I've heard that its a very cheap alternative to taking a tourist bus!
  15. Go and do some work at Google Campus -I signed up for Campus London back in September and shockingly still haven't been. It's basically a huge innovative hub where people can just go in and work in a massive creative environment. Nearest tube: Moorgate/Old Street
  16. Spend an afternoon (or morning!) at the British Library - Nearest tube: Kings Cross St Pancras
  17. Climb Monument tower! - This one is veryyy much dependent on my pathetic excuse for legs, but it's something I really want to do! Nearest tube: Monument
  18. Go into St Pauls - either on a Sunday for free or splash out and go during the week to climb it too (legs dependent)! Cathedrals fascinate me, the sheer beauty and perfection and the amazement that they were designed and built so so long ago without like transportation or technology as we know it!
  19. A third leg dependent one, aggh, but I'd love to walk the Thames path. -Obviously not the *WHOLE* way, but the bit that's in central London. I've done little bits of it before, but not in one go!
  20. Go to Greenwich Park in the sunshine! - Apparently its like the most underrated park in London, my flatmate said it was lovely too. Perhaps another picnic occasion!? Nearest tube: Cutty Sark DLR
  21. Buy some material at either Walthamstow or Sheperd's Bush Market - I really want to start doing some proper sewing over the summer holidays and although we do strangely have a wealth of material shops back home, I want to check out what these two have to offer as I was highly recommended them! Nearest Tube: Walthamstow, Sheperds Bush Market
  22. Be properly touristy and go see the changing of the guard - I think I did this a few times when I was little, but I really don't remember it! Nearest tube: Green Park

And then money-wise I could never do all of these in the space of one month, but an additional list of things with heftier admission charges that I NEED to do over the next two years!:
  • London Dungeons
  • See Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Musical
  • See The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time at the theatre
  • Go to the exhibitions of illustrations/posters etc that they have at the transport museum
  • Jack the Ripper Tour
  • ZSL London Zoo, especially if I could go to lates at the zoo toooo!
  • See something at the Globe Theatre - very affordable, just depends on whats on!
  • London Eye (don't worry I have done it before! But back in 2000!)
  • Up at the 02
  • http://www.teaandcrafting.co.uk

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  1. I'm glad you wrote this post when you did! I'm heading to London next week with my College Class so would be fun to do some of these!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!