Okay, I have Lauren (Dorkfeatures) totally to blame for my love of Kate Moross. I am obsessed enough with hand-typography and patterns as it is, but Kate Moross honestly takes these to the next level and importantly all of her work is like exploding with colour. I mean it, I have never been to such a vibrant and bright exhibition. When I saw the exhibition on Moross's instagram I knew I had to see her work in real life, but I was away from London until the afternoon of the very last day - howeverrrr, I made it- despite being in a uni meeting/assessment until 4pm and getting SO lost around Camden Road!
The best thing about this exhibition was the fact that all stages of the creative process were on display, from her initial sketches, to pencil templates, pen versions and the finished digital pieces. I love seeing how other artists/designers work!!! I also think that the unconventional layout of lots of layering, no framing, just everything stuck up at eye-level was incredibly effective and in the unlikely event i ever have a solo-exhibition it's an idea I might borrow :')

 Naomi x

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