Halls Room Tour

 I literally cannot believe that I have never done a 'room tour' post of my uni room before. I am so proud of how perfectly 'me' I've managed to make the ugly blank canvas of hideous orange furniture, royal blue curtains and icky off-white walls. It took me soo long to get used to it at the start of the year, but now I can't believe that I'm only going to be living here for a few weeks more! I could happily keep this as my London home but the search for a second year house is well under way, and as much as I'll miss having this little sanctuary, I could not be more excited to move in with my friends! :)

I love being nosy at how other people have their bedrooms and/or workspaces, so if y'all have any links to your own similar blogposts, post them below :)

Naomi x

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