Five Things Friday :)

  1. Had two wonderful nights out in Cambridge with IVC peeeeps. Fell in love with Propaganda as a night out, the music is so perfect. :')
  2. Got the geocaching bug from Josie and after a frustrating start we (well tbh it was 100% Josie and Rebecca) found like 5 of them! It's addictive and I want to go searching in London, but I don't have enough 3G so I'll have to kidnap someone on a better contract ;)
  3. Saw Kate Moross' Make Your Own Luck exhibition at the COB gallery in Camden, post coming sooooon!
  4. Went to Pick Me Up at Somerset House, another post appearing in the next few days!
  5. Made soo much progress with my essay - just gotta read through it and cite the photos/quotes :)

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