Five Things Friday

I've had a wonderful week :) So I don't think I'm going to have any problems thinking up five positives!
  1. It was my birthday last Sunday and I got soooo many wonderful presents and messages :) I also  had a lovely time at the farm seeing the beautifully adorable newborn animals! :')
  2. My Easter illustrations are now up on display in Pinner Oxfam's window! I got sent some photos of it earlier in the week and I have to admit its very extremely exciting!! 
  3. Got a mention on ThisIsLocalLondon/Harrow Times for it! Even if they spelt my name wrong...
  4. Went to Lincoln and saw my grandparents yesterday :) Had a lovelyyy time as always!
  5. Going out with my Cambridge friends tonight, even though I have way too much work...

I've decided I quite enjoy adding outfit-of-the-day to the end of these weekly round up posts, so have another - featuring the cheesiest smile of all and a total lack of make-up!

Dress - Birthday Present -ASOS

Naomi x

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