Five Things Friday

  1. I'm at home, yaaay. I am enjoying not having to fend for myself, even if i've been mighty ill all week which has been a bit of a downer!
  2. Last Saturday I forced myself to stay in the library allllll day. Sounds torturous, but thanks to the appearances of several lovely people to keep me company and feed me sugar, I managed to get through what would have been like seven days worth of work in the space of fourteen hours! 
  3. Good fooooood: mum and dad have been feeding me all my favourites, curry sauces, mexican and fisssh dishes <3 There are very few foods that I can a) swallow b) not pass out after c) like... And I think I've been fed absolutely everything that I can eat and love over the past four days! mmmmm :)
  4. Saw Ana yesterday, had the nicest day just chilling and shopping and stuff. I bought an utterly pointless watering can, yay! :') 
  5. Ooshi Bubble Tea! <3 Only Cambridge people will understand this heaven <3

Today's outfit: 
Skirt - Johnnie B at Boden, Jumper - H&M, oversized t-shirt - H&M

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