Five Things Friday

I can't believe I haven't posted anything all week! I've been super busy, which is my favourite mode to be in… super early mornings, super late nights and fuuull days of productivity and creativity :) Happy times! I've still got a heck of a lot of work to do, but only the essay is worrying me… and thats only worrying me because I can't read properly and nobody understands that and blaaaah. But this week has been super positive, minus being ill with really-bad-probably-bronchitis for a lot of it...

  1. My brother and sister came to see me :)) My sister all the way from home and my brother from the other side of London, it's the first time either of them have been to visit me at uni and it's probably the first time that I've everrrrrrr spent a day with just them :) - which was the bestest thing everrr, wish we could do it more often :(
  2. Ate in Giraffe with my sister :)) Their Jambalaya risotto is my favourite thing and i didn't even go weird after eating it :')
  3. More on the food front… had my first ever Brick Lane curry yesterday, anyone who knows me will know I basically breathe spicy stuff and it did not disappoint… hmmm i want to go back for more :')
  4. Went to watch Irina's play in Brixton on Tuesday, which was amazing and a nice relaxing evening amidst days of crazy working!
  5. Just got lots done this week :) that's a thing in its own right, right!?

also, I am in love with this newish dress - smock dresses are the future I swear, comfiest thing ever ever ever - my hands are so red, forever cold...

Naomi x

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