Why aren't all walls colourful?

Everybody knows that I will use any possible excuse to spend as much time as possible in East London, but after visiting it loads in the sunshine over the past week "I've seen it in a new light" (wasn't that the most cringeworthy pun!?) and I feel more madly in love with the area than ever, nowhere else in the world have I ever sensed such a crazily present creative vibe. I got very camera-happy on Friday's visit, so this post is predominantly going to be some of the current street art. I fail to understand how people can look at these walls and not think they're purely beautiful. I'm not going to lie, it's taken me months and months to gain an understanding of 'street art' (helped by three 'Alternative Ldn' tours and a very in depth uni essay on the subject) but even without background knowledge, how can you not appreciate the positive affect of walking past these walls compared to plain concrete!? Anyway, it's not just the colourful walls I love, it is as though every single person passing through is alive with ideas, imagination and inspiration - something truly unique amongst anywhere I've visited. 

Enough of me rambling, enjoy and appreciate:


Naomi x

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  1. Wow! I love this so much - I want to visit East Londonnn!!!