top ten most visited websites

Aside from the obvious facebook/email/twitter/blackboard I thought I'd put together a list of my most-visited websites, I probably look at most of these several times a week, if not on a daily basis. I've also not included people's personal blogs on this post, because I think a seperate post of my favourite bloggers to follow would be more appropriate!

From ten to one, here are my favourites!

10 - The local news!
I obviously read the national news too, but I can keep up with that on the radio- whereas to catch up with whats been going on back home, especially whilst I'm at uni, this is the best way around it! I adore reading local news though, the like 'interest' stories that make the front pages, seeing people you know, stuff that's relevant to you and places you know - it's just all round much nicer and cheerier!

9. Art Fund
The story up on this page at the moment makes the website appear extremely exciting! But in reality, whilst this website is the most useful arty tool, it's not that envigorating to read! Basically I use it as a search engine to find galleries and current exhibitions. Then because I'm a member, I get money off most the said shows - yay! :)

8. Time Out London
Since moving to London, this website has been ridiculously valuable to me - it gives daily and weekly lists of what's going on in London and more importantly, they email me money-offs and vouchers everydamnday! Their timely posts of 'top' places and stuff, especially around special occasions and events, are the more useful thing!

7. Urban Outfitters
I only actually own one item of clothing from urban outfitters, I think it will be years before I can afford another too. Whilst I adore their clothes, it is actually the homeware and gifts that I spend my life staring in awe at! Again, ridiculously overpriced, but the designs are all either just awe-inspiringly beautiful or cutting-edge novelty :')

6. H&M
98% of my wardrobe is from H&M, I don't think I will ever grow tired of their well-made, practical, beautiful and affordable clothing (i sound like a grandmother) but seriously, I could online shop on their website until my bank account was drained. Their homeware is equally amazing, and I can never get over how well-priced it is!

5. Bloglovin'
I'm relatively new to bloglovin actually, I only started using it when I started writing my own blog, but myyy I've been missing out! Basically, its like the old google reader thingy used to be, but you can follow and read blogs written on any platform and opt for email notifications of peoples posts, whilst keeping track of your own stats :) I've found sooo many exciting new illustration and design bloggers in the short few months I've been using BlogLovin'!

4. Oh Comely (Blog)
I'm a massive fan of Oh Comely magazine, I think it is one of the most delightful, inquisitive and beautiful publications ever made - but with issues only coming out every two months, I really really rely on their blog to get my Oh Comely curiosity fix in between times!

3. Ohh Deer
Ohh Deer is both a design shop and a blog and I adore them both equally! I particularly love it when they have artist interviews, as the oppurtunity to have a nosey at how professionals work is so exciting! If you haven't previously seen their shop, have a look! You may find a new favourite illustrator or designer!

2. Tigerprint (Blog)
I desperately hope that one day, at some point in my career I get the oppurtunity to work for Tigerprint, the video of their Yorkshire studio is just everything that I dream of in a workplace and the work they produce - particularly the surface pattern, is just phoenomenal! I also really love the fact that they have monthly open competitions for people to work for them with prices including placements! I try to enter as much as possible and I've made the shortlist a couple of time recently - yay :')

I'm a total Pinterest addict, to the point that I wish I could just 'pin' things for the rest of my life. Whoever came up with this website is a genius, it makes organisation of pretty things effortless and so easy to organise. Plus, every pretty thing ever made or designed seems to be available on here!

Naomi x

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