Noma Bar

My uni seems to be reaaaally good at getting designers and illustrators to come in and do talks... we had two people last week alone but Noma Bar's speech and powerpoint was just the most captivating presentation I've seen all year! I was gripped just by the animation he used to introduce himself and as I'm always saying I should blog more art and design, I just had to share his work with you!
He was born in Israel and after studying graphic design in Jerusalem he moved to London but as his portfolio was predominantely arabic typography he struggled to find work until his mother sent him some drawings he did when he was a child... faces with bizarre features such as pianos for teeth which inspired him to create the style which he is so famous for today. Use of negative space is so so vital to his style... what really amazed me was the fact he has done literally hundreds of these and yet every single one still works so perfectly and every single one still looks so fresh and exciting. 
I'm not going to destroy this post with any more of my rambling, just going to let the pictures speak for themselves :)

Do you see the doves!?

These 3D ones particularly amazed me, to have the ability to transfer something soo two dimensional into a very three dimensional space is just stunning, especially as they have to be painted at a very specific angle in order to accomodate the homeware objects and allow for the position of the photographer! I just left the whole speech in awe :')

Naomi x

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