This is going to be another picture heavy post, apologies! Although that's probably better than a post of just my writing! But no, I mean like this blog is totally lacking in illustration/design stuff right now, which is not cool ;) However, we all know I love exploring and acting the tourist in familiar places... what better place to do so than the city my family are from!? To be honest, I haven't even been in the actual city of Lincoln many times, as when we go there we tend to spend most the time in my grandparents (perfect) house! Anyway, when Ana was here to visit, we took a day trip to Lincoln so that she could look at the university and see the city for her first time. I then got to see my grandparents, Auntie and cousin which was lovelyyyy as I really don't see them enough at all and my Gran & Grandad are my absolute favourite people in the world, most amazing possible & so so inspirational to me! :) 

Naomi x

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