As you can probably tell, this week's post were pre-written at the weekend - due to a crazy schedule of catching up on uni work, especially the theory side. I'm struggling so so much with it all cognitively at the moment, its like I am just mentally exhausted and then it's like I'm coming across as an absolute idiot. And then to top it off, this is a speaking presentation and I can't even formulate sentences I'm so brain dead, not to mention the harm this is going to do to my throat (if you don't actually know me and you're reading this, you're probably thinking 'whaaat' - its a long story, but my throat is just 5 years broken). I knowww I should explain this to my tutors, at least the brain side, but I'm just far too shy/scared. Such a tiny proportion of people I've met understand, I've developed an impossible fear of even telling any adults.

Anyway, back to the point of this post! Which is basically just to shove more photos from last week at you! I took Ana up Harrow Hill whilst she was here which was nice as the weather was literally gorgeouuuus. It's also where Harrow school is, and we saw all the boys going between lessons in their little straw hats haha!! And one of the food shops up there had a fizzy pineapple and coconut drink, which was just heavenly to sit and drink in the sunshine! As we only wanted to do things that were local that day to save money, we went to Wembley ikea toooo, funtimes! :')

The last photo was taken in Neasden later in the day! 

Naomi x

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