Five Things Friday

Yes, I forgot to do this on an actual friday again...

  1. I went to Lincoln last weekend :) first time their without my mum, which was a weird experience... but it was soooo lovely to see my grandparents. I really don't see enough of them, it was super easy to get their by train so hopefully I'll go again soon :)
  2. Spent Sunday wandering around Brick Lane and Columbia Road markets by myself (i love exploring alone, you observe so much more) and the weather was perfect and heavenly and all was wonderful :')
  3. Finally plucked up the courage to let my tutor know that I was struggling healthwise (albeit two months after I started to get worse again) and being honest about it just literally just felt like a massive weight lifted off my shoulders. :)
  4. We did our group theory presentation on Friday and I spoke and didn't die. Always good. But no seriously, I wasn't allowed to do any presentations during the two years of sixth form because my throat was 'dangerously' poorly/weak so it felt like the biggest achievement for me! 
  5. Mum sent me a surprise package of mini eggs :D definately my favourite kind of parcel!

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