Five Things Friday :)

  1. Saw Matilda the Musical with my mum last Sunday and it was amaaaaaazing. Phenomenal. Like just, wow wow wow. 
  2. Saw both my brothers toooo :)
  3. Ana has come to stay for five days and we're having such fun!
  4. We saw Miranda's live show at the O2 and it was also soo so amazing. I ache so much from laughter and we've been having Miranda dvd marathons since and it just makes me so happy, such stress relief!
  5. The weather is lovelyyyyy and the places we've been like Harrow-on-the-Hill and East London have just looked stunning and going out in Spring time clothes too! Ohhh I wish I lived in a country with amazing weather all the time!

Had such a great week, was almost impossible to narrow it down to five bullet points...Anyway, off to bed - early start to get to Lincoln tomorrow! Yayayay!

Naomi x

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  1. Miranda as great for me too, we managed to crack her up and she was like 'This has never happened before!" It took her a good minute before she could continue but hey-ho. We made a mexican wave with 'Reach For The Stars' by S Club 7 beforehand as well.