Five Things Friday :)

1. Spent last weekend in York seeing Silvia yaay :)
2. Went to "York's Chocolate Story" which was amazing
3. Spent Tuesday volunteering at a Divine Chocolate tasting event, including getting to meet two Ghanaian cocoa farmers and taste loaaads of flavours of their yummy chocolate. A full post will be happening on this at some point in the not-so-distant future, but i've just been super busy and super tired
4. FINALLY finished the brief we've been doing since Christmas (pictured is part of my final outcome, but out of context it's a bit odd)
5. Went to a talk for the book launch of 'understanding illustration' on tuesday at Foyles, which was really interesting and also included Sara Fanelli discussing her Onion book! Then today we had a guest speaker from a magazine in our lecture and as that's an industry I've considered going into on-and-off for years, it was really beneficial.

The downside of this week is I've spent waaay too much money, like so much it makes me want to cry. And I don't even know what its gone on :'(

! :/ Maybe tomorrow morning though...

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