Five things Friday (once again, on a saturday oops)

I'm going to struggle to think of five things this week I think, a lot of it has been quite illness-filled and that led to tears at uni for the first time, which I feel like such an idiot for... but I was just so weak and exhausted I could barely bend the wire I was working and the stairs killed me. So yep, that was extraordinarily embarassing... but this week has had its highlights too:

  1. My dad came on Wednesday and we went to one of the Teenage Cancer Trust concerts at the Royal Albert Hall (which is the most beautiful building in existence ever... I drew it once last year, I should have included that picture!)  We saw Lianne La Havas and Paolo Nutini, both of whom were amaaaaazing. I loved it so much :') Then my dad missed the last train home, so we had an impromptu sleepover at my flat, woo.
  2. A few of us went out for a meal in chinatown for Nick's birthday, my food wasn't so good but it was lovelyyyy to spend time with people :) I feel as though I've been sort of neglecting my uni friends for a while, purely through lack of energy and amount of work, but yeah was a good night :)
  3. Ohhh my dad went to the supermarket for me while he was here and came back with literally over a kilogram of mini eggs, I'm going to be obese in a couple of days I swear.
  4. RUN OUT OF THINGS NOW. ERRRRM. I guess its been quite a productive week, I have nothing to show for it really though... but I've been going into uni one or two hours early everyday and coming home one or two hours late... which is the right mindset if nothing else!
  5. Okay now I literally have nothing else to say :| How about... I found out our local corner shop sells both strawberry and banana flavour honey puff cereal!?? ...but I bought neither la la laaa

    I'll try to have a happier/better week this week so that I have a full and proper list next FRIDAY. And it will be FRIDAY, not saturday or sunday :')

Have a good week!

Naomi x

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