The Most Exciting Exhibition I've Ever Seen

Well this is going to be another photo heavy post, and again the photos will be pathetic quality. But I fell in love with an exhibition...actually that phrase doesn't even begin to cover my emotions and excitement. Anyone who knows me will be aware that I have an absolute pattern addiction, like we're talking... I will walk around shops stroking items of clothing/stationery/homeware trying to get the poor poor people I'm with to appreciate their beauty. I apologise sincerely if I've done so to you...
Anyway, with this in mind, you will realise my insane level of excitement when I stumbled across Bermondsey's Fashion + Textile Museum when I was lost and discovered that they had an exhibition of print design. However, what really excited me was the side exhibition, which was just one room, of Sarah Campbell's print and pattern designs. The most exciting thing for me though, was the fact that instead of just showing her final products, the exhibition displayed her whole creative process - from initial sketches, colour swatches, felt pen designs, sketchbooks - literally every stage! As my dream career would be surface pattern designing, seeing this exhibition was literally the most inspiring and amazing thing. I came away from it with a head buzzing full of ideas and dreams! Anyway, enough of my rambling - please enjoy some photos!

Apologies for the camera quality (lack of) again... but can we all just take a second to appreciate how these are all (almost) equal widths...hallelujah and praise the macbook!

Naomi x

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