Goodness knows how many rules of blogging I am breaking right now with this post! The problem is that I can't create links of where each one is from because I cannot remember at all, they're just pictures that I've been saving to my computer over the last month or so, so lets just treat it like a pinterest board or something :) From this wish list you can use it to further understand my love of mismatched patterns and childishness! :') In fact, about 50% of these are probably children's clothes...because lets face it, I fit in them, you don't have to pay tax and they're a thousand times prettier :')

So yeah..these are (probably) a mishmash of Zara, Bershka, Asos, Boden, Ark, Bhs, Boohoo and maybe a couple of other places... sorry I'm so useless! But if anyone fancies buying me them all...? ;D

Naomi x

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