So I always say that I want to blog more about art/design... so here is something I've never done before! Sketchbook pages BEFORE the end of a project! I'm slightly nervous about putting these up, but yes, this is my current university project "Healing Spaces" which is about transforming the local hospital in some way- adding art, changing the wayfinding system etccc! The pages so far only reallyyy show research, there are very few of my own drawings at this stage- but I will keep updating/posting more until the deadline. My personal theme is based on nature (relaxing, restful, promoting growth etc) but particularly nature found in the local park, which the hospital is actually named after. The hospital asked for us to keep our theme 'local' and I think that is about as local as it gets! I'm not sure yet which area of the hospital I want to place my work in, however I know that I want to ensure the local community are involved in any creative transformation.

 Obviously this isn't all of my book pages, I have tried to select the best examples/a wide range - however, the lighting in my uni bedroom is appalling, so even I will say that they are worse here than in real life!

 Initial Mindmap
Labelled Collage of Secondary Sourced Inspiration 
 Map of Hospitals visited with notes

Photographs from hospitals visited 

Torn up drawings collaged together
 Whyyyy is this sideways!? Photographs & Floor Plans

Sideways again! Thematic mindmap!
 Nature Trail Photos

Painted Ink Trees 
 Drawn Trees (fineliner)

Drawn leaves (fineliner) 

Papercut leaf shapes

Artist Research 

Types of Birds

Initial Bird Shapes/Position Drawings

Okay, why this one is sideways I will never understand... bird media experiment!

Notes from colour psychology lecture

Initial flower fineliner drawings

Practice from typography workshop

They're really not the best they could be, but hopefully it gives people some indication of my current project - as I've had a LOT of people asking me questions about it! I'm hoping to get some screenprinting done later this week or next :) I've really got to start working on my ideas though, so that my creative development stage can begin and all this research can be put into action!

Naomi x 


  1. This looks really cool! great work!!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  2. wow this looks so good! Use of colour is amazing!