Singing in Westminster Abbey

It really upsets me when I can't make all the photos the same width on here, I've figured out how to through html, but the height stays the same and then they're all stretched and funny. I WILL learn how to one day.

ANYWAY. On Thursday I sang in the choir at Westminster Abbey as a part of the university's 175th anniversary multi faith service- which celebrated the university as the first polytechnic and its diversity/creativity today. Considering I only joined the choir at the start of January, this was absolutely insane! The service was the loveliest thing, it was so inspiring, plus the people who spoke at it were awe-inspiring. It sounds so cheesy and nerdy, but I honestly feel so motivated after attending! We sang four hymns (which I now cannot get out of my head) and the university anthem, which we got to do in fancy choir robes!!!
I managed to take some photos of the beautiful interior architecture (which the public aren't allowed to do on tours) but they're only from my phone, so the quality is a bit bad, but here they are!

Naomi x


  1. Hi Naomi - I did a bit of research for you. Rotating pictures is not possible in Blogger or by using HTML (yet). But this link might help: http://blogging.nitecruzr.net/2012/02/incorrect-orientation-of-photos.html