My Dream Design Studio For The Future

Firstly, I'd like to apologise that blogging isn't really happening in its normal fashion at the moment! Been ill for a couple of weeks and I am just full on exhausted so haven't really been doing as much exploring as usual. But I've had a burst of inspiration/motivation with my current uni project, so I might share some of that soon if people are interested?! 

I'd also like to thank everybody who's been complimenting my blog recently, sooo many nice people have been telling me how much they love seeing London through my blog, it really spurs me to keep going with it but I wish I could explore with you all in real life instead! Also exciting times, I sent off an application to be a social media volunteer for a local Oxfam this morning and was offered an interview within a couple of hours! (I'm sure they're reading this, so thank you for the tweets and the oppurtunity!)

Today's post is just a collection of photographs from pinterest of peoples art studios and workspaces which I absolutely adoreeee :') I got a new space in our uni studio yesterday and even though there's next to no actual space/wall space I thought it would be an appropriate occassion for blogging some of my favourite ideas for my *future* art studio (which I will have one day!)

Maybe toooo organised to work in, but lovely colours and lovely to look at!
A whole room of curiousity and loveliness :')
I love these colours and the sofa being there :')
 Although I'm not keen on the frame itself, I really like the idea of keeping a notice board within a frame.
 Bright colours, comfy patterned textiles and random things hanging on the walls!
 I can't even identify what it is I like about this one, but I do just love it :')
 Facing away from the wall is always nice ;) Loving the large typography prints as well.
 Why aren't more bookshelves like this!?
 Old-school literal school furniture!
 Whilst staring into corners isn't always inspiring, this would give the oppurtunity for two 'inspiration' walls, (maybe a washing line for work in between too?) and if this was me, I'd have one desk for messy stuff like collage and painting and one for computering/drawing etc!
 These boxes fixed to the wall are such a beautiful alternative to shelving!
 Must stick more stuff on my uni studio wall!
I just love the raw-ness of the natural materials used here! The kraft paper addict in me coming out again ;)

 Again, amazing example of natural woods/wicker/papers but combined with white :')
 Yes... I know this is a kids room...but I am a big kid and the patterns available in childrens room stuff is just beauuuutiful :') So I need to remind myself when furnishing my future home to check out the childrens sections ;)
 The clean whiteness of this is actually quite nice, but its not for me! I put it here because I love the fairy lights :')
 This idea of plant-pot-style pen holders is super as it means the desk isn't cluttered by pots and you can organise pens/pencils etc into more specific sets tooo!
 I love this idea of the clipboards up on the wall!
Outside is always so much more inspiring, but I don't think I could stand it in England!

Going to the Fly Awards tomorrow! I hope... tfl dependent!! Buzzing to see Bombay Bicycle Club and Peace amongst others! :')

Naomi x

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