More Sketchbookness :')

I have had an absolute disaster formatting this post, I'm so sorry! I know that I did a sketchbook page post a couple of weeks ago, but we're nearing the end of the project so I have a lot more to show now and also these photographs are much better quality (but still crap)... I'm still crazy nervous at the thought of posting these mid-project, however I've had to put them on google+ already (the platform we use at uni) and I trust you guys so much more :') Hopefully i'll have a final proposal ready to show you by next week (deadline dun dun derrrrRRR) 


My books still aren't up to their old standard... genuinely depresses me so much that I was sooooo much better at basically everything art + design last year... and we've only got 5 weeks of uni left this year and it's like thats £9000 and i've only gone backwards... ugh.

On that note, until next time...
Naomi x

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