Five Things Friday :)

  1. Been at home most of the week, which has been quite nice - just a shame i've had so much to do and mum's been at work, but hey it's nearly Easter :)
  2. Saw Josie for the first time since before Christmas!
  3. Eaten way too much chocolate and ice cream!!!  And also proper mum-cooked food, mmmmm!
  4. Saw Ana, went to Cambridge andddd made plans for Ana to come and stay for like 5 days next month woo!
  5. Had a really helpful doctors appointment, I'm not going into proper detail on here but like its very rare to be given the time of day and to be listened to so I really appreciated that :) Plus painkillers are upped and got some kind of answers about the fainting after food thing!

Naomi x

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