Five Things Friday :)

1. Had a really productive week with my course, including going in to uni on my day off and staying the longest out of everybody the other two days *nerd*
2. Our theory lecture this week was also super informative, I think I learnt more in it today than I've learnt on any other day of the course so far!
3. Applied to be a social media volunteer for oxfam and have my 'interview' next wednesday!
4. Went to the Fly Awards in Kentish Town last night and saw both Bombay Bicycle Club and Peace perform live, which was amazing.
5. MET GREG JAMES AGAIN! Was the craziest thing, just standing on a very wet, miserable Regent Street at midnight waiting for the night bus and he walked past and somehow I knew it was him even from behind... I managed to utter 'that was Greg James' to which we ran after him and I embarassed myself asking for a hug - which was the most insane coincidence because I'd tweeted him just three days before asking 'if I ever meet you again, please can I have a hug?' :')

(Please excuse how hideous I look and just be happy for my absolute hero walking past me at a bus stop in the rain in the middle of the night, yes?!)

Naomi x

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