Five Things Friday (on a Sunday)

  1. Finaaaally got to see the 'Hello My Name Is Paul Smith' exhibition at the Design Museum! I've been desperate to see it since the start of January - continously bugging my friends - in the end I went alone, which it turns out was the best possible decision, because I am one of those people who can spend days taking in an exhibition. I literally need about ten times longer than your average 19 year old to look at a gallery/museum! A post will come on that in the near future, in the mean time, I highly recommend it to anyone who can go!
  2. On my way back I accidently stumbled across the fashion and textiles museum in Bermondsey, which was theeee nicest surprise of my life - they had an exhibition on of the history of famous artists whose work had been turned into/used as textile design. They also had a sub-exhibition of Sarah Campbell, half of the Campbell-Collier-Collective and this was probably the most interesting thing I have ever seen, it showed her creative process rather than her final products and how her designs started life out as little fineliner scribbles, then progressed to felt pen drawings, colour swatches etc through to final materials or papers! Again, I will write a full post on this, and again, I highly recommend people go!
  3. I took my broken radio back to John Lewis without a receipt and they gave me a brand new one exactly the same without any hesitation or even testing it, which was lovely to have such delightful and efficient customer service :')
  4. My mum and brother came and spent the day in Wembley on Friday (on a stadium tour which I gave them for Christmas) then we went shopping and for a Mexican before getting the train home, so I'm back in Cambridgeshire for a few days and get to see Josie and Ana, yaaay :)
  5. Found THE most perfectly Naomish shopping centre - its basically a massive Tiger, paperchase, starbucks, waterstones, Oliver Bonas and Habitat - the designer in me nearly had a breakdown at the perfection of this place :')

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