Design Museum: Hello My Name is Paul Smith

I can officially confirm that blogging from a mac is ten thousand times easier than blogging from my tiny little netbook - I would honestly blog ten times a day if I had this computer at uni, but unfortunately my little apple baby is still not insured. I would love to pre-write endless posts whilst I'm at home, but I have a major deadline next week so unfortunately that is not an option either. 

As you've probably gathered from me raving about it on every social network ever, last week I FINALLY managed to get to the Paul Smith exhibition! I've been dying to go ever since I watched a documentary about him before Christmas and then when I saw photos of the exhibition on other blogs I became increasingly envious! Anyway, it was totally worth the wait - the exhibition was just perfect, it showed not only final pieces but also his creative process and his workspace - the bits I'm really interested in! There was a large hall just filled with framed images that he had collected throughout his career as inspiration (i totally want this in my future studio) and recordings of him talking through how he and his studio work. I definitely recommend this exhibition, whatever creative practice you work in... or even if you don't work in one at all, it is just beautiful to take it all in and I left feeling SO inspired :')

Naomi x

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