These are a few of my favourite things...

Happy 2014 everybody! :D Those of you in the UK would have probably been aware that the Sound of Music was on TV today, I was obsessed with it as a child to the point that I still know the entire thing word-for-word today anded we even went on a holiday just to see Salzburg and the places it was filmed! It wasn't until I first saw Amelie in 2011 that it got relegated to second place in my favourite films of all time! Anyway, I decided today to do a post of 'a few of my favourite things' :) 
(None of these pictures are my own!)

 1. Starbucks Coffee Light Frappucinos, (with vanilla sprinkles and in the winter cinnamon too) my favourite drink ever... no other coffee shop's version comes even close to this, it's just perfect and the only one that I'll buy! I also just love the atmosphere of starbucks coffee shops, especially around Christmas time!

2.  Frigiliana, which is a little village in Andalucia, Spain. No amount of words would ever convey how beautiful, charming and delightful this place is! I seriously recommend you visit it if you ever get the chance. 

3. Amelie - As previously mentioned, my favourite film! So unique and creative...I just want to BE Amelie. 

4. East London - my favourite place in the UK. I need to start spending a lot more time there whilst I'm living in London!

 5. Fruit Salad- This photo is making me so desperate for one right now. I would say any fruit (except apples and pears) would be one of my favourite things though to be honest :)

6. Typography 

7. Art Supplies - the excitement of buying new ones, discovering new uses for them and the beautifulness of lining them up in colour order on a shelf!

8. PATTERNS - the two types of design I am most obsessed with are surface pattern design (which would be my absolute dream job in the world) and typography.

9. Floral prints - As far as clothing/materials go, ditsy floral prints are my favourites!

10. The colour turquoise! You only have to spend about 30 seconds with me before you learn that it is my favourite colour, I have some bizarre attraction to it, it's like impulsive and I can't help myself!

 11. Sunshine - I live for those like two weeks of proper sun that we get in the UK during summertime!

12. Appreciating great illustration/design - I spend hours and hours and hours a week on pinterest etc just searching out new artists/styles etc, stroking magazines because they're SO beautiful and going shopping with me is a nightmare because I just go around pointing out how nice packaging is :')

13. LOMOGRAPHY- I love the surprise element of film photography, the unexpectedness of what you've photographed and also the excitement of going to pick your photos up!


Ohh I forgot to mention I AM TYPING THIS FROM MY NEW MACBOOK. Basically been saving up for this for nearly 4 years, I've not got any insurance/software on it yet though (or a case for it) so I'm going to stick it out with my tiny netbook/the library for the rest of first year at uni until I've got the other stuff, not taking any risks after spending that much!!!

Naomi x

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