Pantone Project #199

First off, I am absolutely gutted, I have taken soooo many photos on my diana mini recently and yesterday I went to rewind the film and it somehow ripped in half longways and I literally cried. Sad times, so now I've put my very very last kodak film in it, so it had better not do that next time!

Anyway, a while back I mentioned I might start posting some Pantone Project blogposts, the project is something that I believe first started out as a hashtag on Instagram, where people take a pantone card/swatch and hold it up against things in the real world that match that colour. I thought it would be quite a good exercise for me in spotting colour schemes that exist in the real world and just generally increasing my awareness of colour. I started yesterday with a red (199), after some debate as to whether to take that or orange out with me I decided that for a day out in London, red was probably the most appropriate! The problem was, even after I'd put the card away, I just kept seeing the colour red everywhere, like overpowering all the other colours haa! 

(Sorry I didn't paint my nails to match!)

My posts still look such a mess for all the mis-matched photo widths, I'll figure it out one day I'm sure!

Naomi x

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