New Term Resolutions

Today, is going to be another longggg ramble of my 'resolutions' for next semester (I know I ranted about not believing in resolutions a few days ago, but hear me out!) This blog is getting much too personal and I understand nobody wants to read this sort of post, to be honest I don't want to post things so personal, howeverrrrrr I am much more likely to stick to what I say I will do if I've placed it somewhere public. Anyway, as I didn't quite make the most of last semester at uni, I've realised that in true Naomi-style I need to write myself a list of things I either want or need to do to improve! They are resolutions because unlike my hopes for the new year, I do have control over them!

  1. Get back into sketchbook work- If there was one thing that made my work so awful last term, it was not using a sketchbook in my own normal personal fashion. Even if it's not a necessity in the assessment criteria, it is a necessity in how my creativity flows.
  2. Always stay in class the full day- the majority of people tend to leave around lunchtime, and as much as I love my friends I am not going to be persuaded to leave early next term, they might be able to work better in their rooms but I can't! Also, paying £9000 a year, leaving at lunchtime everyday, you're only getting £4500 worth ;)
  3. Work in my own style, but be experimental- that may seem obvious, but I think I've been working to how I think they want me to work, instead of doing what's unique, what I'm good at and what makes me happy. Saying this, I do intend to be free and experimental with media/processes whilst I can- this is the last time everrr in my life that my work is only going to be pass/fail so as long as I pass, I need to be as experimental as I can :)
  4. Take more books out of the library - Art and design books are my favourite thing, but knowing I'm never going to be able to afford my own extensive collection (and local libraries don't have them) I really need to take out every single relevant book they have over the next three years :')
  5. Take more photographs- not only does this really help me think about composition, it means I can build up a bank of first-hand imagery to use in my projects or to draw from :)
  6. Blog about creative inspirations/my own projects... this will mean that I'll be able to keep inspiration together but also hopefully gain feedback on my own work and stuff :)
  7. Never work to the deadline- I always set myself an imaginary deadline a few days (or even weeks) early to avoid unforeseen technical difficulties/illness/creative block getting in the way.
  8. Do some work everyday - after all, my degree is the reason that I'm there. So even if I've spent the day out in London, I think it's vital that I still make myself do something towards my course either before or after.
  9. Be healthier - I can't magic away my illnesses, but healthy body = healthy mind so I can eat more fruit, I can (sometimes) walk more, I can always take my medicines and I can try and get a bit more of a regular bedtime! I'd also like to aim to get up earlier.
  10. Upon getting up earlier, do some sort of daily creative warm-up whether it be checking design blogs/pinterest, sketch booking or just throwing paint at a piece of paper- anything to get my creativity going!

Naomi x

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