London Art Fair 18/01/2014

Good news is that I'm feeling much more optomistic than last week, I've had a good weekend (despite killing my knees, ankles and hips, hello granny bones) and have realised now is not the time to be worrying about the future. And as soon as I let these worries recede slightly, I started to feel much more creative and inspired. Another thing which inspired me this weekend was the London Art Fair which took place at the Business Design Centre in Islington, I'd sort of been half-looking at it, half-hoping-to-go when I first heard about it, but as there are quite a few paid exhibitions I am dying to see in the near future I decided not too book, which is why I was over the moon when Sophie asked me if I wanted free tickets to it through her friend who's on a gallery internship! These photographs show the exhibition and some of my favourite pieces of work in it, unfortunately I had to delete around 50% of my photos as I took them on my phone camera and they were so blurry that they were just colours! However, I hope you can get an idea of the scale of the exhibition (across 3 floors D:) and the breadth/quality of work on show! 

(Also, massive apologies, I don't know any of these artist names- which is the biggest faux-pas going. I am so sorry to the artist/gallery for not giving them the credit they deserve, but also to anyone who might want to look any of these wonderful people up!)

(this last one is sideways, but once again I cannot rotate it at all!)

Naomi x

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