Little Venice, London

The other day when I was on the tube from Harrow into central London, I felt really travel sick (I don't know why, I don't get travel sick... so lets just blame the bakerloo line because I hate it anyway la la laa) sooo I decided to get off and get some fresh air. Conveniently this occurred at Warwick Avenue (try passing through that station without singing the Duffy song, impossible) which is where 'Little Venice' is, so I got off and went for a little wonder around. With my hometown being Ely, the novelty of ducks, canal boats and riverside walks is something I've sort of just become accustomed to, but finding this spot in zone one/two of London was just lovely. The water itself was dirty and full of litter, but the quiet and calmness of the area was perfect and just what you need sometimes in a city! I shall definately be returning next time I need some peace and quiet in London, or just a break from the Bakerloo line!

Naomi x 

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