Five Things Friday :)

Sorry I've totally neglected posting for a second week running, although this week I've had stuff I've really wanted to post but my week has been gobbled up by tonsillitis, ear infection/deafness and endless rehearsals! So hopefully I'll be back on form and back to posting in a few days! Anywaaay, despite this I've had an excellent week so plenty of choice for my five things!

  1. Got my semester one results back and got 68% (two marks off a first!) in my practical drawing module. I can't even draw. I know I didn't push myself to my full potential though and now I'm so angry at myself because I could have easily got the extra two per cent if I'd just tried!
  2. Got a first (76%) in my surface design module! Which I'm super happy about because surface pattern design would be my absolute dream job when I graduate. Well...it's a tie between that and the art department magazine.
  3. Sang in Westminster Abbey for the university's 175th anniversary service. Not only was that amazing in its own right, but the service really really inspired me - the people who spoke and the history of the university really reminded me why I was at Westminster and motivated me to try and get involved in the wider community of the uni and work harder. Cheesy as it sounds! It also made me really want to go to church more!
  4. I'm homeeeee :) only for a couple of days, but so ready for a weekend of laziness!
  5. Got home to a postcard from Amy in south africa andddd the besets parcel in the world from Rosie! :')

Naomi x