Five Things Friday

A couple of days late, I know but I'll write it as though it was Friday! Crazy that there was less time to blog during two weeks off than on a normal week! Next week will also be hectic as we've got a choir performance and many rehearsals, so just barewith a bit until February please!

1. Loving choir! Been to my first two rehearsals and I adore it, crazy to think that by this time next week I will have sung in Westminster Abbey! Whaaaaat!?
2. Theory lectures have started again and the new module is basically media studies - which was my favourite subject whilst I was at school, so I am loving that! Just got to improve my concentration levels in class a bit!
3. Mum sent me a package full of chocolates, lebkuchen, dolly mixtures and lollipops and it was the best thing everrrrr to receive :')
4. Had a good night out on Wednesday, okay it was monumentally awkward to begin with (a group of illustration students out together - everyone's sort of awkwardly shy and quiet) and I was the only one who wanted to dance (which I did anyway) buttttt it was lovely to get to know the other people from my course a bit more and I definately need to do more with them! :')
5. Had a talk by Catherine Anyango which was really inspiring and helped pick up my down mood about going into an impossibly hard industry!

Naomi x

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