Five Things Friday

Soooo this week has been the worst creatively, it is meant to be an independent study week to kick-start our new project, however I have been so desperately uninspired/faced with the worst creative block I have ever had...and I ended up not even being able to blog, let alone do any work or competitions! I also ended up getting very upset over how I was feeling, how much I miss my mum, how much worse I have got at everything, how much of a rip-off uni is and yeah, everything to do with art/uni. But I think I can manage to scrape together a list of 5 positive things from my procrastination!

  1. Went on two lovely long walks last weekend, I don't think the novelty of being able to walk again will ever wear off! I came home from both feeling immensely proud of myself! The first was up Harrow hill and the second was from Brick Lane to the houses of Parliament! 
  2. Saw Sarah J, all be it briefly, but was lovely because I didn't think I'd get to see her until the summer holidays!
  3. Saw Sarah M, I love our chats and I didn't realise how quick it was to get to her house, so will hopefully see more of her whilst I'm in London!
  4. Joined the uni choir... haven't actually been yet. Can't actually sing either. But i'm glad to finally get myself involved in something.
  5. Went to see The Cube being filmed today! I loveee going to these tv recordings, its so interesting to see how they make them, getting close to the famous people and I still can't believe they're all free! 
Hopefully my creative block will disappear over the next few days and I'll be back to blogging and working at my normal pace! 

Naomi x

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