Five Things Friday

Forgot it was Friday again! Oops, routine is still out of the window from Christmastime I think! And it will be for another couple of weeks as we have two 'independent study' weeks coming up, well today was the first day! Five positives of the week!

  1. Came back to London! :)
  2. Didn't cry of homesickness, not even once! But obviously still miss home loaaads, but glad i'm over the tears stage of last term!
  3. Handed in all semester one's work. Feeling really nervous about getting my grades back, as my work was literally atrocious. 
  4. Got the new brief and I literally love it! Havent had a chance to get started yet because I'm finishing off some other jobs and stuff, but I'm really excited that its something I can engage in and turn some negative experiences into a really positive project of work :)
  5. Went out last night and got to speak properley to more people off my course, which I really should have been doing since September, was lovely :) Hopefully going to do that more often!

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