Back in Beautiful London

Sorry it's been a few days, was busy packing/moving back to London! So not a lot to post about of my own life, I'm hoping to start doing a lot more art/design posts now I'm back in the 'zone' though!!! Anyway, today is just some photos of beautiful London that I took before Christmas as a celebration of being back :)

Does anyone know how to rotate pictures on blogger/in html? Always happens!
If anyone wants to go and see this themself, the nearest station is Hampstead Heath on the overground and then follow the signs for Parliament Hill.:) It's so stunning, the photos don't even capture how beautiful it is the first time you see it! It's meant to be even more wonderful at sunrise (I was there at sunset) so I'm hoping I get the oppurtunity to see that one day this term! It would also be an amazing place to sit and draw I think!

Naomi x

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