A very 3272 C shopping trip...

Today I intended to introduce the Pantone Project Posts that I intend to do over the next few weeks (don't worry they're not like this post!) when I realised how... errr matching...my shopping from yesterday in Cambridge was! So I found the closest colour match and I thought I'd show off what I got in my first sales purchases of the season I normally go crazy in the winter sales, but given the macbook purchase and going back to uni next week I didn't think that would be so sensible!!!

Basically everything I bought was this colour...even if the photos don't show it very well! Firstly, I bought a fitted-case and keyboard cover for my macbook in this colour, completely vital due to my clumsiness/prone-to-throwing-paint-over-everything-ness... they're a beautiful colour and fit, plus there's no problems with typing on the keyboard through the cover except that the 'enter' key and the '\' key are in the wrong places! 

I'm not quite sure why I felt the need to pose with this bag, but hey! (Excuse my eyebrows/naked face.) I've needed a new little bag for ages as I have a few, but my most trustworthy one (which was from Dorothy Perkins about 6 years ago) has suddenly got like a thousand holes in it... anyway living in London, finding a secure one was an important factor, but getting it in a similar colour to the broken one was vital. After searching EVERY shop in Cambridge and being prepared to give up, I popped back into TopShop and by chance this was hanging in amongst the sale stuff! The photo doesn't show the colour well but I promise its teal in real life! It was £10 down from £20.

My mum bought me this hat in John Lewis, I'd been going on about finding a new hat and scarf all day and it was the last shop we went in and she was all like 'this is so cute, it's perfect for you' I was reluctant because I felt guilty about her buying it for me, but I do love it so so much! Was £4.50 down from £15.95 I thinkkkk! Goes so well with all my coats and my new bag ;)

Not sure why I'm being quite so posey today, but anyway lastly here is my new moleskin-style notebook (not actually a moleskin!) from Paperchase in their 'Noto journal' range... didn't actually need this, but I've always wanted one so now I can look posh when writing endless lists... also it perfectly fits in my new bag, is EXACTLY the same colour and was £4.50 down from £11!

When I got home I also ordered these two things (a different colour, shock horror!) The shoes I first fell in love with on Lauren's instagram and when I saw them in real life in New Look I just had to have them, but they didn't have my size so I got them online (£6 down from £17.99) 
The bag is a bit boring, but when searching for a teal one in the shops I realised I also needed one that was a tad bigger (because the small one only fits like a purse and I minimum need room for a camera & water bottle too!), I also needed one that was a bit more secure for the tube etc and brown goes with more of my clothes/shoes than black! Anyway, it was £10 full price in Matalan.

Ohh you may have noticed a slight change to the header, I'm still not too keen and am going to change it one day soon, but it's a better temporary than what I had before! I'll explain the proper pantone project posts (woah alliteration) next time! :) Much loveee

Naomi x


  1. I think i had the same colour macbook cover for Christmas haha. It's 'kuzy' and came with a keyboard cover too, but i don't like the feel of the keyboard cover when it's on. Now my apple is all blue and pretty! You had an even better bargain with those brogues! xx

    1. Yeaaah i think thats the one! i totally understand what you mean it's sort of silliconey and weird, but my netbook's keyboard is completely destroyed so i think I need it :L I know, I can't believe how cheap they are for such beautiful shoes :O